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App helps you blackmail yourself for not reaching goals

One way to accomplish goals? Blackmail

As the year wraps up and everyone begins to wax philosophic about 2011 and preparing for 2012, part of the international introspection is also about what stimulus is most likely to help you achieve your goals. Do you accomplish more when you are rewarded, when you are acknowledged and praised, or when you are shamed for not reaching your goals?

There are many systems in place to accomplish goals based on rewards and praise, but few that help you to install a safety net of shame. Why would someone do such a thing? Aherk! is a new app that understands that so many goals fall through the crack because there is no consequence, so they have set up a goal-oriented self-blackmailing system where, simply put, if you do not accomplish your goals, your predetermined blackmail will be published for the world to see. Ouch. While it seems harsh, this system is one that many of us on staff agree would work for us more than praise or rewards.

Three simple steps

Aherk is three simple steps after logging in with your Facebook account – first, set your goal, then upload a “compromising picture” of yourself that will be uploaded to your Facebook timeline if you do not achieve your goal, and your Facebook friends will up vote or down vote your success after the goal expiration which will determine whether or not your blackmail reaches public eyes.

Now, if you are under the age of 40 or are a jerk, you will likely recognize this system and down vote your friends’ goals despite accomplishment just so you can see the “compromising photo,” and others may do the same to you. In that spirit, your blackmail photo should be embarrassing, but not career ending. Do not consider nude shots, photos of your defiling a statue in college or of your being passed out and drawn on with markers. Try a shot of you in that hideous Hawaiian shirt with a missing button, or a morning photo before makeup.

Shame works, so if your friends are not complete jerks and support your goals be they sales, weight, health, or a new company, this could be a lighthearted way to insure you meet your goals by blackmailing yourself.

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