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Facebook rolling out more profile changes


(Social Media) Facebook is rolling out additional changes that will effect the way your “about me” section is presented.


Facebook rolling out changes

It has been a while since Facebook has rolled out any significant layout changes, but users have reported a new layout that has yet to mentioned on the Facebook News Room.  According to several users, Facebook is trying out a new layout for your “about” section.

With this feature,  if you click on a friends about me section, you will see each subsection on a different page. While it doesn’t look as though everyone has this new feature, more people are reporting seeing it everyday. This is a trial period, so it could change again, or be forgotten entirely, but it is an interesting concept.

The new about section places each subsection: overview, work and education, places you’ve lived, contact and basic info, family and relationships, and details about you, into separate pages, or separate clickable links. Previously when you clicked someone’s about section the information was presented to you in a single box, with each subsection bulleted by a content-specific icon.

Now, the information is more organized and oddly similar to the Ads Manager account. While I can see the benefits of this new option, some people may be less likely to click on each section to see the relevant information, since it is no longer “at a glance.”

What you need to do now

This also has the potential to change the way in which you display your information; for example, David Cohen at AllFacebook, posted a screenshot of a reader’s Facebook page with the new feature and you can see each section is separate. If you use your Facebook account to network, you may want to review which information you include in each section.

With the new layout, you may want to include your contact information in the “overview,” as well as, “contact information;” because someone not accustomed to the layout, or in a hurry, may click on the first link to get a general idea of who you are without reading the rest of your information.

With Facebook’s new layout organizing information a bit better, it is important to make sure your “overview” creates the right picture of who you are because that may be the only link people click. There is no date given on the Facebook News Room page for a complete integration of this feature, but if they decide to keep it, I would expect to see a full roll-out soon.

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