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Flow on iPad makes Instagram a trillion times better

flow app

(Social Media) Flow is an app that massively improves the Instagram experience on your iPad, plus it has a cool new Instagram browser.

flow app

The Flow for Instagram app is awesome

While Instagram has been available to iOS for a while, it has yet to be optimized for the larger screen of the iPad. If you have been looking for a way to enjoy Instagram on your iPad screen, Flow is the answer.

Simply download the app, connect your Instagram account, and enjoy the viewing. The first thing you will notice is that your pictures are showcased in brilliantly large square frames. The layout really lives up to its name “Flow.” You can quickly and effortlessly scroll through you images; choosing to view in a grid or each image individually.

When you tap a picture, it will take expand to the center of your screen while everything else blurs into the background. The selected picture also shows the poster, the quote, and hashtags, others who have favorite it, and comments. In this window, you can “like” a picture (just tap the heart) and add a comment. Once you add the comment the picture will reappear. You can also access your feed at any time from the menu.

Supersonic speed

Flow loads quickly. You can easily scroll through a hundred images without much wait. You can also share images on Facebook, email, and Twitter. Flow also gives you the ability to watch Instagram videos fullscreen or on any device with its AirPlay compatibility. Once you try Flow, I think you will wonder why Instagram has yet to release an iPad optimized app.

One theory is that people do not take pictures with their iPads. But, with Photostream and iCloud, your photos sync to all iOS devices. Personally, I enjoy editing my images on the iPad because of the larger screen; it makes manipulating photos much easier. Flow definitely enhances the Instagram experience on iPad.

One thing to remember though; due to Instagram’s API restriction, you cannot add pictures from third-party clients like Flow. You can only view pictures and videos. And there is no support for portrait mode. However, one thing Flow offers that Instagram does not is location-based searches. Instagram has yet to offer the ability to see who has posted what in a specific area, but with Flow, you can see everything posted based on your area, or any area you choose.

Flow is optimized for iOS 7 but it works with iOS 6 as well. It is currently free in the App Store.

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