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Pincam simplifies mobile video editing, sharing

March 17, 2013


Pincam makes video sharing appealing

One of the challenges with many video tools for mobile devices is that many features are available, but are all offered by different apps, so you may have to use this tool for editing, and this tool for adding filters, and this tool for sharing, but Pincam offers it all in one app.

Featured at the SXSWi 2013 DreamIt Ventures startup accelerator program, the South Korean company is tapping into the rise of personal sharing, alluding to the rise in popularity of Vine, asking, “what happens when you can’t capture that amazing moment that you want to share with everyone in the 6 seconds that are allotted?”

The startup says they offer the “first and only app that lets people easily capture, clip and share the best parts of their mobile videos, in the moment, right from their device.”

Users simply hit record, and when done, pick from 14 filters, and hit the “pin” button to pull clips and edit, turning them into a highlight reel. Instantly share on YouTube, Facebook, or email.

What’s next for Pincam?

Currently the app is available on iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The company tells AGBeat an Android version will launch this June, and Pincam+ will launch in coming weeks, offering a social platform for private channels so that videos may be shared only with people they choose from their Facebook friends’ lists.

Because it is brand new, there are very few reviews of the app thus far, but the few that exist are all positive. Pincam is part of SK Planet, a spin off of SK Telecom the biggest Telecommunications company in South Korea, having already developed several apps like Star Call and PicCle, and it appears more apps could be on the way as they put their pin on the map.

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