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Simplify your networking connections with IntroNet

(Social Media) IntroNet makes it easy to track introductions and referrals to people in your personal and professional networks.


IntroNet speeds up the introduction process

How many times have you been at a convention or other networking event, and left with piles of business cards that now demand further attention? When you get back to your office, you are left composing emails, adding contacts to social networking sites, and trying to forge those important new connections.

Making new connections is almost always beneficial, but making it easier is a definite win. IntroNet is a new application that helps you manage this connections in less time, so you can get on to more pressing business.

IntroNet is an application that makes it easy to make and track introductions and referrals to people in your professional and personal networks. It helps to overcome the tedious practice of composing customized introductory emails by generating an introduction email from an existing template, or, if you choose, by assessing your social media accounts and contact information in your email and mobile devices (address book, etc.).

With a few screen taps (and voice activation if desired), IntroNet finds your contacts in both mail and LinkedIn, creates an introduction email from your customized template, and then sends your personalized message to those being introduced. This allows you to take action directly from your email and keep in touch with your networks.

IntroNet adds benefits to the intro process

If you want to introduce someone in your network to another person, you can do so, with added benefits. IntroNet, allows you to track your interaction with another person so you know whether the parties you introduced are communicating. For example, your new IT technician would benefit from being introduced to one of your existing clients so they can understand what is expected on a project; you can use IntroNet to connect them and actually track their communication.

Many times we may not follow through in making desired introductions because they take time to craft; finding contact information, LinkedIn URLs, and pasting everything into a meaningful message is tedious. IntroNet does all of this for you with a minimum of keystrokes and requires less than 45 seconds. Speedy and easy introductions not only helps you do more of them, but our reporting tools will keep you advised on your introduction activity and follow ups.

If you are concerned about the privacy of connecting and sharing this information, IntroNet does not engage in third party sharing, but you may want to examine their privacy policy to see precisely how your  information is handled.

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