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Tiger Pistol automates Facebook efforts for small businesses

tiger pistol

Tiger Pistol offers the first auto-generated custom Facebook activity for small businesses.

tiger pistol

Tiger Pistol gives your Facebook page a boost

What is auto-generated content? It is a custom generated Facebook marketing plan consisting of a cluster of Facebook activity which runs for two weeks. It is made up of different types of content-based posts, offers, and advertising and is created just for your business. While automation doesn’t float everyone’s boat, some have found success with it, and busy professionals are grasping at every time-saving straw possible, making automation popular in some circles.

Setup is easy: connect your Facebook page, Tiger Pistol will conduct an analysis in under sixty seconds, based on what’s worked for similar businesses your ads, posts, and offers are created, then just add your content and you are finished.

Using real data about what works and what does not, the Tiger Pistol engine generates a custom Facebook marketing plan for your business. Once activity is set up, configured and set; all you need to do is write the parts unique to your business, which Tiger Pistol will assist with, if needed.

If you forget what you have previously posted, you will always be able to find out, with an at-a-glance summary of your Facebook statuses. Once you have approved your Facebook activity and it is ready to go, Tiger Pistol makes it all happen at the perfect moment, so you do not have to mess with it; posting is completely automated.

Where Tiger Pistol data comes from

Tiger Pistol uses two sources of data to feed the engine: publicly available data and data created by Tiger Pistol customers. This data then falls in to two categories: characteristic information about businesses (location, industry, number of Facebook fans), and activity information (what type of response do their posts get). After analyzing this data, the Tiger Pistol engine creates a custom Facebook plan for your business that is presented as a To-Do list, based on what has worked for businesses like yours including what combination of ads, posts, and offers will get the best results, as well as the optimal time to post, or not to post.

Pricing is a flat $45/month, with a fourteen day free trial. There are no contracts, so you can try it for a month and see if it works for you. They also offer two add-on packages: a set-up pack and a content pack. Set-up pack is $295 and gives you a dedicated support team for your first month. The content pack is $450/month and gives you your own Tiger Pistol consultant to create and write your own content for you.

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