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Trendr: popular app for meeting professionals face to face


Trendr is launching a new campaign to better connect professionals face to face as the free app makes the act simple and fast.


Trendr for meeting face to face

In the era of location-based apps where users can discover everything from nearby eateries and retail to friends and strangers nearby. While many apps focus on the dating or social aspect of meeting up with others in their vicinity at the time, Trendr is meeting the needs of professionals to meet face to face, encouraging “serendipitous meetings,” Co-Founder Peter Davison tells AGBeat.

Trendr users log in with LinkedIn and based on their GPS coordinates, they can request a meeting with any other user, and the app suggests cafes in between the two users’ physical locations. The app is used to get offline and help people to find potential employees, consultants, co-founders, or others that can help their brand or career.

In the future, the very young app will offer filtering to make it a more sophisticated business tool. Right now, the push is for real time meeting requests, wherein users can schedule their availability, so a day can be planned in advance, not necessarily restricted to impromptu meetings, a feature other location-discovery apps have not offered effectively.

Additionally, the app offers more than discovering of nearby professionals and meeting functions, but collaboration tools, so if two people are meeting and want to refer each other to a graphic designer in their LinkedIn network, or a copywriter, or lender, they can do just that through Trendr.

“Who do you want to meet today” campaign

The company has launched a 20-city campaign “to help people and organizations accelerate the relationship building process in order to achieve their social and economic goals in 2013,” and while it is powered and promoted by Trendr, the company keeps a “pay it forward” attitude by not requiring participants to use their app, rather focusing on the art of face to face meetings.

They will be featuring diverse community leaders from across the globe on their blog and through the campaign’s Twitter handle, #meet2013 which begins tonight and runs through March 17th.

Amy Vernon, General Manager of Social Media at Internet Media Labs, who is co-sponsoring the campaign said, “Because I know the gents at Trendr, I’m obviously biased, but I’m truly looking forward to using it during Social Media Week NY next week and at SXSW. I love that it takes the social discovery aspect and actually enables you to act on it. I also was a beta tester and found them extremely receptive to feedback, making some changes as a direct result of my suggestions.”



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