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Three smartphone apps to check out for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, I loaded a new bundle of apps on to my phone yesterday all geared towards environmental sustainability.  Here are a few of the ones that completely blow my little green mind.

App #1- Light Bulb Finder

1) Light Bulb Finder –   This sweet little app takes all the guessing work out of buying the right compact florescent light bulbs.  Simply select a fixture (indoor, outdoor, lamp, anything) answer the prompted questions like what room it goes in, base size, how often you use it, whether it’s on dimmer, and your zip code.  From here, you will be presented with a picture of the best light bulb for this particular application. They also give you the estimated cost and the overtime pay back in energy savings plus the carbon emissions you will be eliminating. 

By gathering your zip code they are able to calculate this by your local utility rates, cool eh?  Go through your home and compile a list of the bulbs you should purchase to take to the store (the App will store this list for you) or purchase the bulbs through Bulb Finder’s secure online store and have them delivered to your home.   If you go with option B, Bulb Finder sends a cool little brag about you to facebook with the stats on your energy savings.

App #2- My Recycle List

2) My Recycle List (for iPhone) and iRecycle (for Androids) – both of these apps essentially do the same thing.  Have you ever taken the batteries out of your remote and thought now what?  For those of us lucky to have curb side recycling, there are still a number of more obscure things like carpet, household batteries, cooking oil, old electronics, even yard waste that we have no idea what to do with. 

Simply tap on the picture of what you need to recycle, plug in your zip and the closest locations will pop up in a handy list with a mapping feature.   It also will give you info about the more common stuff like paper, aluminum cans, and glass.

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App #3- Locavore

3)Locavore (for iPhone) and Seasonal Harvest (for Androids)-  These fantastic little apps take all the guessing out of your produce purchasing quandaries.  Simply type in your state or enable the GPS navigation feature and a handy list of fruits and veggies will appear before your eyes that are in season in your area.  You may be asking why is this a green app?  One major contributor to pollution is the thousands of miles our food travels before it hits our table. 

This app (even if you use a big box grocery store) will likely help you with purchasing produce that has come from a much closer source.  Both of these apps also have a mapping feature with area farmers markets which in turn will also be helpful in knowing what should/will be available there when you visit.   Better quality, supporting local farmers, not to mention the taste, makes these apps a must have for healthful eaters.

Using in business

I can think of all kinds of cool ways to incorporate these apps in to my business.  I.e. tweeting out reminders of where you can take your batteries, or posting up shopping lists of what fresh in the markets.  Obviously, these can be a great resource in your positioning yourself as a local expert.  I’d love to hear of other apps you may be utilizing as well.

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Anna Altic – Village Real Estate Services. I’ve called Nashville home for the last 15 years and have been practicing (practice being the key word here) real estate for just over 6 years. In the fall of 2007, I went to a local German Festival that had a home tour, including a LEED certified property, and I instantly became enamored with the idea of eco friendly living (ok, so I’d had a little beer and the dual flush toilet rocked my world). I have since devoted much of my time and energies in to studying and espousing the benefits of better building technology within our local residential market and my proudest accomplishment thus far has been successfully leading the initiative to get over 25 green features added to our MLS search fields.


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