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Philips to release 17 year, 60 watt bulb that only uses 12 watts

Super light bulb

bulbBetween GE, Panasonic and Philips, there is a battle to the finish line for the newest style of light bulb- the generation beyond LED.

Philips has announced that it will begin selling a 60-watt light-emitting diode bulb that only draws 12 watts by the end of the year.

It will be part of the MASTER LED lamps line and while their announcement doesn’t disclose the life of the bulb, it is speculated that it should be nearly as long as their competitor GE’s new bulb which boasts a 17 year lifespan.

The price…

Also not yet announced is the price of the bulb, but competitors in the sector sell for between $40 to $60, yet they draw more watts. Cost is the most prohibitive issue, despite Americans’ widespread focus and acceptance of environmentalism.

The best part:

Philips’ new bulb can be dimmed and emits a “warm white light” rather than the obnoxious blue/white of LEDs or the yellow of fluorescent bulbs. While cost is the most prohibitive issue, color is the second most common reason for lack of adoption for alternative bulbs.

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Philips Lighting CEO Rudy Provoost said, “Lifestyles are changing, urbanization is presenting new challenges for city leaders, and society in general is more environmentally aware. We are applying the functional and creative potential of LED lighting to address these trends, and to simply enhance life with light.”

Who will use it and who won’t

Bulbs like this will help cut costs for cities as they rarely have to replace bulbs in city streets, they’ll save costs for electricity across the board, and best of all, they won’t emit that alien color of incandescents.

You won’t likely see these used by new home builders for some time as the up front cost is certainly prohibitive, but this type of bulb will certainly be used by homeowners when they hit the market, even if only used in strategic locations until the cost comes down a bit.

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