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Starbucks now offering free college educati...

Jun 19, 20141 Comment

(Business News) Starbucks has made an extra bold move forging a deal with Arizona State University to pay for the college education of U.S. employees.

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Move For Hunger picks up non-perishable foo...

Nov 25, 2013No Comments

Move For Hunger turns moving into a positive experience for many in need, taking a load off of people moving and feeding hungry locals. You


Causora: donate $20 to charity, get $20 to ...

Aug 15, 2013No Comments

Causora offers tangible rewards for charitable donations. With Causora, “you give = you get.” Startup Causora announced its re-launch and aims to create a new

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Professional uses job as megaphone for anim...

Aug 07, 20131 Comment

While many professionals focus squarely on selling product features, one clever pro thinks philanthropically.

live worldly

Live Worldly: business model that gives bac...

May 15, 2013No Comments

Live Worldly is a global marketplace for trendy fashion accessories that give a portion of the proceeds back to a non-profit in the country from


Philanthropy being folded into traditional ...

Feb 13, 20133 Comments

In genuine, unpretentious ways, more businesses are folding philanthropy into their business model to use their brand for social good.

habitat for humanity and advocates for, donates $50,000 ...

Oct 25, 2012No Comments

Putting their money where their mouth is, advocates community revitalization and homeownership, going above and beyond a simple donation.

Give Realty celebrates three years and over...

Sep 12, 20118 Comments

Real estate philanthropy It is common for Realtors to say they donate to charity or are philanthropic, but some really mean that they buy Girl

America’s 60 Most Generous Donors Nam...

Feb 09, 201013 Comments

Slate’s 2009 Most Generous list released today released its annual Slate 60 list outlining the top 60 largest philanthropic donations in America in 2009

10 Steps to Organizing a Real Estate Social...

Jul 07, 200912 Comments

Create a ruckus within your local community So, you’re interested in creating a social media channel for your community non-profit, but not sure where to

Using Real Estate Social Media to Broaden C...

Jul 07, 200911 Comments

The Age Old Challenge Realtors are well known for their community efforts, but the problem has always been the dependence on newspapers and local media

When Did Greed Become Bad?

Jun 12, 200919 Comments

Greed “… greed — for lack of a better word — is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the