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6 things many don’t know about 2013-era phone systems

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Phone systems have come a long way – do you know how much more productive you could be with a modern system? Did you know it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to upgrade like it once did? Here are some other things you may not know.

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Phone systems have evolved in recent years

If all your phone systems at work do is plug into the wall and connect you to other people, your system is probably out of date, and frankly, you could do better. Sure, you probably have call waiting and that fancy *67 feature, but your business deserves more, and it’s not anywhere near as expensive to upgrade as it was in the past, because the infrastructure is now on the web, or “in the cloud.”

Besides not knowing that the cost doesn’t require your entire team to sell their kidneys, what else do small businesses commonly not know about 2013-era phone systems?

6 things many don’t know about 2013-era phone systems

David Scult is the CEO of Fonality, which offers VoIP communications for growing small to medium businesses. Scult told AGBeat that there are some common things many don’t know about modern phone systems:

  1. No longer just a phone: Today it is all about unifying your communication system into a single easy to access user interface – with a click of your mouse.
  2. Location is relative: You can employ the best, not [just] the closest – communication systems today allow you to get the best talent regardless of their geographical location.
  3. Communication to go: Run your business from anywhere… really anywhere – by using a cloud based communication system that brings together all your communication tools like chat, email, visual voicemail, presence and voice together in a single easy to access user interface – its your Communication Dashboard on the go.
  4. Increase business productivity: Communication systems can now be directly tied and embedded into your business decision process so you can use the right data to make smart decisions – faster. Integrating advanced communication features with your CRM gives customers the power to create a great customer experience.
  5. Manage your business like a pro: With features like auto-attendant, call queuing and agent call statistics you can manage your business at a glance. The ability to see caller activity, service levels and agent productivity in a single dashboard view saves you time.
  6. You can have your cake and eat it too: by keeping your voice features on-premise and still have all the cool new features and collaboration services offered through the cloud.

Many think that if they have an iPhone in their pocket, they’ve modernized, but the office can be so much more than just Apple ownership. Consider your own phone system and how much more productive you and your team could be if brought into the 21st century – modernizing has to start somewhere.

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