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Amazon says they know AI, ChatGPT (but don’t count Alexa out)

Amazon says they’re familiar with ChatGPT, and even use it themselves, but have they positioned Alexa to be the better bot?

A wooden-cased Alexa sits on a coffee table in a living room, positioned next to a logo of ChatGPT

In an article in Financial Times published Monday, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy wants investors to know Amazon, like all giant tech companies, has been working on AI like ChatGPT for a long time.

No surprise for the company who brought us Alexa and changed the eCommerce world.

Anyone who’s used ChatGPT knows its limits. Amazon says they are working on Alexa to make it an even better AI, but they believe it’s already better than ChatGPT.

The ChatGPT AI lacks the personality, memory and knowledge of current events Alexa has.

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And that’s a huge advantage for Amazon. As David Limp, senior vice president for devices and services at Amazon said, “Real-time knowledge is equally as important as the ability to write a screenplay.” 

ChatGPT does a decent job writing, but it lacks real-time knowledge.

That said, from the tech standpoint, Amazon engineers are using ChatGPT to improve lines of code. However, Amazon lawyers have told employees not to share any confidential company data with ChatGPT. 

Analytics India Magazine (AIM) reported Monday that Amazon is centered on a customer-focused approach to AI, and because of that focus they can pivot within a short period of time to serve market needs.

Currently, AIM says, Amazon offers multiple AI services for enterprise workflows. What Amazon is missing, according to AIM, is a dedicated AI research team.

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And while AWS is behind Microsoft and Google in AI research focused teams, according to AIM, counting Amazon out would be a mistake.

Amazon’s combination of market leadership and custom hardware might give it an edge when it comes to hosting AI in the cloud.

And while it’s an article from April 2022, which is ancient history in the fast changing world of AI, Zentail explains in detail how Amazon is using AI and staying in the race to make it applicable to the retail experience. And when it comes to eCommerce, right now, Amazon reigns supreme.

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Mary Beth Lee retired from teaching in Texas this year after 28 years as a student media adviser. She spends her time these days reading, writing, fighting for public education and enjoying the empty nester life in Downtown Fort Worth.

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