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Calvin: easily collaborate to organize group meetings, lunches, and more


(Tech News) Calvin app is a collaborative way to plan meetings, lunches, and more – all without text messages, emails, or endless delays. Genius!


“Deciding a time and place for lunch shouldn’t take 10 emails.”

We agree. And so does Calvin, a new app just launched in beta that has decided to make planning suck less. The goal is for you to skip the inbox and collaboratively plan a time and date without endless text messages, phone calls, and emails filled with “oh, I can’t do Thursday, but I can do Wednesday,” and “I can only do this after 5 this week,” while others say, “but I can only do before 5.” Let Calvin sort it out with an easy interface anyone can understand.

Calvin integrates with iCal, Google Calendar, and Facebook, and if you send plans to other people, the beauty is that they don’t have to have Calvin to participate. These features alone set it apart from many of their competitors.

Doing it on your own time table

If you want to host a lunch, a social event, a happy hour, a business meeting, a conference call, or what have you, set it up without times, dates, or the list of invitees, and add the details when you’re ready, and publish when you have all of your ducks in a row. Several appointment apps require you to do all of this in one setting, and that’s not always realistic.

“It’s a calendar, to-do list, and messaging app all in one.” Awesome.

Video demo of Calvin:

Anyone who is in charge of herding the cats we call people, whether professionally or by default, knows the pain of the endless delays associated with excuses, difficulties, and ignored emails or texts.

Productivity is critical in the rushed work week, and Calvin app stands a chance to solve one of the most annoying pain points in the business world – organizing busy people.

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