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Cycloramic: hands free panoramic photo app for iPhone 5


Cycloramic is a genius app that not only guides you via vibrations to take seamless panoramic photos, but when set on a flat surface, it takes hands free panoramic photos!

Cycloramic, your new best friend

Cycloramic is a unique app that guides you through taking panoramic photos seamlessly, but for the iPhone 5, there is a special feature that uses the vibrating motor to spin the iPhone without any hands, making panoramic photos of surroundings much more accurate, without any shaky hands. While professional photographers have tools and software to create even higher quality panoramic photos, Cycloramic puts it in the hands of any lay person for fun or for professional use.

“Unexpected, fanciful, and useful all at the same time!” said Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak of the app that won the New York Times Pogie Award for Brightest Idea.

The app will “let you take panoramic photos and videos so easily, you can do it your eyes closed (with iPhone 4/4S/5) or handsfree (with iPhone 5 only),” the company says.

It is extremely simple, fully automated, and features a single touch interface, just push one button and it helps you line up images, vibrating when you’re off the pre-determined path. Cycloramic features instantaneous stitching and viewing through their built in 3D viewer.

The Handsfree Mode on the iPhone 5 allows anyone anywhere to put their phone in an upright position on a smooth, level surface and press go, and it will do it’s thing.

This could be a great way to showcase your entire team in one photo, offer an instant virtual tour of your offices or retail location in seconds, which can then be shared on social networks. It’s a genius way to do something that used to be excrutiatingly difficult, but with advances in technology have become so simple a blindfolded seven year old could master it immediately.

The app is $0.99 in the iTunes store and reading through the reviews, it is easy to be impressed.

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1 Comment

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