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Gmail trick sends copies of the same email to different recipients (not BCC)

(TECHNOLOGY) Outlook offers a method to send multiple copies of an email to individual recipients, but not Gmail. This simple script fixes all of that, turning you into an email champ.

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Streamlining your emailing efforts

Do you need to send multiple copies of the same email to different recipients, separately? Perhaps you want to send a marketing message out to many customers, or a résumé to several different companies.

Sometimes carbon copying recipients isn’t appropriate. You’d like it to appear to your recipients as though you sent messages to them individually.

With Microsoft Outlook, it’s easy to create multiple copies of an existing message. But for some reason, Gmail doesn’t give you this option. Instead, you are faced with the tedious task of finding the original email, which has been relocated to your Sent Items folder, then copying and pasting the text, retyping the subject, and reattaching any accompanying files.

It’s not such a big deal to do all of this copying and pasting one or two times, but if you are sending many emails, it can take an obnoxiously long time.

Simple script is a simple fix

Amit Agarwal, web geek and founder of tech how-to site Digital Inspiration, has built an app that makes it a much more simple and efficient process to “clone” your email drafts, preparing them to be sent separately to multiple recipients. Agarwal used Google Scripts to develop the app, which uses Google API internally to clone messages.

Here’s how it works: in your Gmail, compose a message and save it as a draft. Then go to, where you’ll be asked to authorize the app to access your Gmail account. This will allow you to use the app from within Gmail to create duplicates with one click. Select your draft from the drop-down menu, specify the number of copies you’d like, then click the Create Drafts button.

The copied drafts will include the subject, body text, inline images, and file attachments from your original message. This cloning tool works for both desktop and mobile.
Thanks, Mr. Agarwal, for this ingenious time-saving tool! I, for one, plan never to copy and paste again.

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