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Google Analytics will soon be in AI interactive, non-analysts rejoice!

(TECHNOLOGY NEWS) Google Analytics is getting AI compatible which will help all of us non-analysts get data easier and quicker, huzzah!

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Analytics addition

It’s no secret that analytics can be a huge boon to any business with a web presence. The problem is, not everyone’s brain works the way an analyst’s brain works.

It can be difficult to take something from a question to a report, and training for you or your team takes time away from executing on your business.

Google for the win

Enter Google Analytic’s latest update. Soon, users will be able to directly ask, “how did traffic from search change year-on-year in June” and get the correct reporting back. The program, dubbed Analytics Intelligence, utilizes Google’s extensive developments in machine learning and natural language processing to let people ask a business question “in plain English” and get the correct response.

According to one report, the analysts and business users will, in theory, be able to get the information they need more quickly because they can use plain English to obtain analytics data.

That gives both analysts and other business members room to execute on more valuable tasks.

Analysts can take on more complex projects to produce advantageous insights, while other folks can more easily access the data they need to execute on a new strategy.

Perameters too

Along with asking questions, users can add qualifiers to the report. For example, after asking the initial question, users can narrow the date range and ask for the outputs as a percentage, rather than raw numbers. Furthermore, analytics users can filter questions by various user groups, using geographics and demographics.

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Because of the breadth of questions it can answer, this could help elevate the paid version of Google Analytics past competing services like Adobe.

Google has worked relentlessly to elevate its premium capabilities to the level of competing analytics platforms, and this update gives the platform a unique leg up on the competition.

Analysis paralysis

Analytics Intelligence eliminates a lot of the time related to HOW a question is answered. It does not, however, tell users WHAT questions need answers. Analysis paralysis can be augmented by the ease with which reports can be generated, and the reports may generate no real value for the business.

Leaders will still need to embrace and disseminate a critical thinking mentality to find the questions worth answering. The good news now is, no matter who comes up with the right question to answer, that person can more easily find the answer in Google Analytics.

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