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Is Apple moving away from the home screen?

Apple’s home screen has been an integral part of the design since it’s inception, so why would they want to remove it? Here’s what we think.

apple troubles

apple troubles

Why would Apple ditch the “Home” screen!?

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve probably pressed the “Home” button more times than you can count. That magical little button that brings you back to the center of the iPhone world. It’s hard to imagine that Apple would ever want to do away with it, but it looks as though times are changing and the home screen could be gradually fading away.

The home screen has been a critical part of the iPhone’s appeal since it’s creation. For people coming to iPhone from an ordinary cell phone, or from a Windows frame of mind, the home screen and home button made for an easy transition. When you needed to use another app, you simply pressed the home button and you could find what you needed, quickly. No problem.

Apple is making a calculated effort to stay on trend

Subsequent updates allowed you to find more than one app with the fast dock, still accessible through the home button. Soon after the fast dock tray, Apple introduced Spotlight, an ever faster way to search for what we needed. Next came the ability to access the camera by swiping up; no more swiping to unlock first, just instant, easy access to the camera. What do all these changes say?

Apple has made a calculated effort to stay on trend with the fast-paced world we live in. Mobile technology is constantly changing and evolving and user simple do not have the time to search for an app, a file, or their camera. We want what we want when we want it and Apple has taken steps to make sure we get it.

Proactive Assistant, a personalized hub, and more

The next version of iOS is sure to reflect this shift as well. One feature aimed at this is the Proactive Assistant. This Assistant will attempt to anticipate what you need and when you need by learning your habits and routine. For instance, every morning I check my email and social media accounts, iOS 9 will note my habits and pre-load these apps on the lock screen. You’ll also be greeted by music when you plug in your headphones. It’s all about personalization and productivity.

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The new iOS will also offer a personalized search panel, or hub. It will sit by the home screen and show you shortcuts for contacts and apps. Basically, the grid format will disappear, instead it will “learn” what you need and who you talk to most often and bring it to you; you won’t have to search for anything. Siri will also receive enhanced capabilities.

A lot of margin for error

While all of these “smarter” capabilities are great, it also leaves a lot of margin for error, especially in the early stages. While I love voice commands when I’m trying to multitask, I also hate repeating myself or having Siri schedule an appointment on the wrong day/time. Hopefully, with the introduction of these feature will come some great new tech to make these features more “fool-proof.”

For now, however, the home screen will remain in its rightful position: right in the center of the iOS design. The new technology will certainly increase productivity, but for now I like my home screen just where it is.


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Jennifer Walpole is a Senior Staff Writer at The American Genius and holds a Master's degree in English from the University of Oklahoma. She is a science fiction fanatic and enjoys writing way more than she should. She dreams of being a screenwriter and seeing her work on the big screen in Hollywood one day.

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