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penultimate by evernote

Penultimate handwriting app made free by Evernote

February 3, 2013

penultimate by evernote

Penultimate considered the best handwriting app

Acquired by Evernote last year, Penultimate is said to be the best-selling app in iTunes, known for its superior quality digital handwriting capabilities, turning any iPad into a notebook, a canvas, and with Evernote, it has become like a second brain for its users, remembering every scribble, every handwritten note, every sketch ( retweet if you agree).

Evernote has announced the newest version of Penultimate, adding full Evernote syncing (so you can view your notes on any computer or device where you have Evernote), improved cloud storage, a more intuitive layout, and design tweaks. It is an extremely popular app because it helps all types of people bridge the gap between digital and tangible and vice versa, solving some of technology’s biggest annoyances (difficult tablet keyboard, lack of support for sketches and art, and syncing information to the cloud, etc.).

evernote penultimate download itunes

Video intro to Evernote Penultimate

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”ItRaJBmdOL0″]

Interestingly, Evernote is not requiring early adopters of Penultimate to use Evernote. On their blog, the company stated, “Naturally, we think Evernote will only make your Penultimate experience better, but we’re also not pressuring anyone to make that leap. If you’re an existing Penultimate user, you can keep using Penultimate as you have been. You’ll have a great new interface, without any of the synchronization and search functionality. New users will be limited to a single notebook until they sync to Evernote.”

In addition to updates to Penultimate, Evernote has also updated Hello, their contact management app, which allows users to scan business cards and instantly convert them into Hello contacts, also pulling in LinkedIn and Facebook so that when you add an email address or business card, that contact information is also filled out for you.

penultimate app

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