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Evernote, Post-it® Notes team up: our favorite feature ever

evernote post-its

(Tech News) Evernote has teamed up with Post-it® Notes to add an insane amount of productivity back to anybody’s day. This is our favorite tech news of the week!

evernote post-its

Confession time: even our tech writers are Post-it® obsessed

If you take a look at almost any desktop or laptop of any staff member here, there are Post-it® Notes, even Evernote power users and even the geekiest of the techies. Coders and writers alike still love the tangibility and usefulness of the visual reminder, and Evernote has finally addressed that by going digital with them, teaming up with Post-it® Notes to make all of our productivity dreams come true!

Now, the Evernote app allows you to take a quick picture of Post-it® Notes and they will be automatically tagged and sorted by color. Genius. The app has long had handwriting recognition and search, and you’ve always been able to file away images, but this is the first move to address the digital and handwritten fans with extreme automation.

Post-it® Notes come in four colors (Electric Yellow, Neon Pink, Electric Blue, or Limeade), which is recognized by the Evernote app, but they go beyond just shoving a fuzzy image into a digital file, no it corrects the tilt, it boosts the contrast, and it crops it down to just the writing so anything photographed outside of the relevant content is scrapped.

Our favorite part is that you can set the meaning of each color, so if you always write meeting reminders on Electric Blue notes, you don’t even have to tag it “Meetings,” it recognizes that and does it for you. Do you always write your shopping lists on Electric Yellow? Phone numbers on Limeade? Evernote already knows what to do with it because you’ve given it commands in advance!

In a statement Evernote’s Andrew Sinkov said, “We can’t change how life works, but we can be better prepared for the unpredictable. That’s one of the reasons why we do what we do at Evernote. In addition to keeping you productive and on-task, we also make saving everything from the massive to the ephemeral completely effortless. The more you capture, the better off you’ll be.”

Exactly. Check out the video below to see how easy it all is:

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