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PowerQube: portable power on steroids, charges up to 9 devices


(Tech News) PowerQube is a tech junky’s dream, charging up to 9 devices with equal power, simultaneously. Perfect for conference goers or frequent travelers.


Power strips made better. Like a LOT better.

Trying to plug multiples devices into a power strip at a conference can be a hassle. Sometimes, you have so many devices you need more than one power strip to offer people enough ports to plug in their computers, tablets, and mobiles phone; to say nothing of the multiple devices we all have at home.

The PowerQube is like a power strip, but redesigned. It is more like a portable power hub, as it allows you to charge up to nine devices simultaneously through the three USB ports and six electrical outlets. The best part is it is shaped like a cube, so it is easy to access and easy to place.

You can leave it out on the table or countertop and it will be far less noticeable than a traditional power strip.

The PowerQube measures a mere 5.5” inches square and 2” deep. Unlike a traditional power strip, you can easily place the Powerqube in your briefcase, gear bag, or laptop bag. It also has five feet of cord, so you can reach the nearest outlet.

Other features you’ll fall in love with

And just like a power strip, there is a built in surge protector. But, unlike a power strip, the PowerQube SP Technology enables each USB port to independently negotiate with each device that plugs into it; allowing for independent charging specific to the devices protocol.

For example, Apple and Samsung both utilize power differently and the PowerQube optimized power for each device so you receive the most beneficial charge while plugged in. It can also handle three iPads simultaneously via any of the USB ports.

PowerQube is available in white and black, as well as, a backpack. The price for the PowerQube is a bit higher than a traditional strip, but since it offers nine charging ports and consistent power to each device, $70 is not too bad, in my opinion.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. jmartins

    March 17, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    So basically, aesthetically it’s a larger version of the Apple laptop adapter only this one has several ports and still results in messy cabling. And, instead of the cables plugging in from above, they jut out from all 4 sides to make it even more fun to hide.

    A redesign? Yes. Better? No way.

    What would have been “better” is a slimmer profile both in thickness and width and an easier way to mount it up off the floor on another surface, say, behind a desk or on the underside of a tv stand.

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