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ProxToMe: send any file to everyone in the room


ProxToMe is now available on both iPhone and Android so you can send any file, of any size, to any person within 250 feet of your smartphone.


ProxToMe is a massive improvement to file sharing

You’re giving a speech in a crowded room and you reference a document or video that you want everyone to be able to see instantly, or you’re at a meeting and want to give your team that PDF, but don’t have time to compose an email and CC every last person. It’s time consuming to stop in the heat of the moment to go through the process of getting everyone’s information and making sure everyone’s included in a file sharing situation, whether personally or professionally.

ProxToMe offers iPhone and Android users a free app that instantly shares any file you wish to anyone within 250 feet of you, no matter the file size, using Facebook login. The company asserts that it does not drain any batteries since it does not rely on GPS, rather the range of Bluetooth.

New ProxToMe features

This month, the company announced new features like the availability to preview incoming files and delete them directly from the chat view, and when someone is nearby, you can tap on their name and not only check out their Facebook profile to learn more about them, but send send them a file or request a file over chat.

All files sent through their system are saved in Dropbox in a folder called “ProxToMe” and files don’t start transferring until you accept them (hint: you can block users if they send you something you don’t want).

Video demo of ProxToMe

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”P5VCQGWhDG4″]

“Since we love Android users we have been heads down coding to ensure that we are able to launch ProxToMe on Android just two weeks after our initial iPhone launch,” said Andrea Motto, CTO of ProxToMe. “Android users will now be able to utilize our proximity engine to spark up new conversations and share files with both Android and iPhone for effective real-time interaction between people in local proximity with no barriers at all.”

This tool will most likely be popular at conventions or major music events, and while there is the potential for abuse, the blocking mechanism works to curb one part of it. It is our hope that the company will offer Google+ login as Google’s social network is linked to users’ files which would make sharing even easier, but for now Facebook login offers great options for connecting with people around you.

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ProxToMe for file sharing.

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ProxToMe for iPhone.

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ProxToMe for iPhone.

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ProxToMe for Android.


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