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Dropify: free file sharing for Facebook Fan Pages


Dropify lets you share almost any file type from a PDF to a mp3 with your Facebook fans, garnering more interaction as you add value to your Facebook presence.


Genius: dropify makes files social

All brands are investing time and money in their web presence, particularly Facebook Pages, so any reason to give fans more value or reasons to interact with your grand is a win. Enter dropify – if you know how to send an email, you’re tech savvy enough to use this tool, and if you’re so busy that sleep is a treat, you still have enough time for this super fast tool.

All you do is upload a file by dragging it from your desktop to the dropify site, add some very basic information and publish it. The system then generates a button you can customize and download to your website to encourage users to download it, or with two clicks, you can set up a tab on your Facebook Page for all of your Drops (uploaded files). Additionally, the free service even allows you to monitor its performance in real time and the service, and your files being offered, are fully compatible with mobile devices.

The company explains, “Traditional file downloads have very limited visibility. With dropify, people share the download activity with their friends on their timeline and news feed. With more than one billion people who use Facebook each month, this results in major coverage, while people discover new artists, brands, and other content creators they have never heard of before.”

Businesses are using the service to offer printable downloads, e-books, guides, and anything that can be put in a PDF. In the picture tour below, you’ll see we uploaded a sample contract (view it right here also), so it can be used for any basic document you want to share on your website or Facebook Page.

Photo tour of dropify shows how ridiculously easy it is:

[pl_carousel name=”Dropify”][pl_carouselimage first=”yes” title=”Dropify Example” imageurl=”” ]
A common use for Dropify is for free e-book downloads.

[pl_carouselimage title=”Another example” imageurl=””]
Another business use is printable downloads for fans and clients.

[pl_carouselimage title=”Final example” imageurl=””]
It’s not just PDFs that can be shared – any file type from music and videos to podcasts and more can be shared.


What a user sees when they download a file:


Details you will be asked to enter when you upload a file:


Shareable URL, QR code, and site widget, along with other options:


To install a Facebook tab, it is literally two clicks:


How the installed tab appears on a Facebook page:


Streamlined options for your profile and settings:


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