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Sparta Sales uses competition to drive motiviation and performance

sparta sales

Sparta Sales helps you drive energy, motivation, and get better results with your team via online sales competitions.

sparta sales

Sparta Sales gets your team motivated

When you are placed in a leadership role, it inevitably means you are also in the role of being a motivator. Some times this is as simple as sending out a few reminder emails, other times; it feels like you are constantly hovering over team members to stay on task. Instead of viewing motivation as another mundane task that needs to be done, wouldn’t it be nice if it could be fun for everyone?

Sparta Sales is trying to do just that: make motivation a fun competition. Sparta helps you create and manage competitions that drive what matters to your business, not just meeting sales goals, but making meetings on time, placing a set number of phone calls, finishing a project, checking in throughout the day, or something as simple as coming in to work on time, can all become a friendly competition. With Sparta you can run multiple competitions at a time and create teams within each competition to encourage other people to become motivators as well.

Once you create your competition, invite your team by simply sending the link. Your team can log in to Sparta on any web-enabled device: tablet, phone, computer, allowing your team to stay connected on-the-go. Your competition can be created, enabled, and fully running in ten minutes. Your teams will receive points based on their performance and the results will be posted to the “leaderboard” so everyone can see how their teammates measure up.

On the side bar, you will notice a Twitter-like chat feed, where you can tag other members with @mentions. And everyone can receive daily update emails to stay on top of their tasks. This keeps everyone connected, engaged, and motivated to do their best without the need to send out multiple reminder emails, every day.

Whether you use it as a permanent fixture, an additional motivational tool, or as a trial run to boost performance on a specific project, Sparta could be an entertaining way to keep your team members on task while freeing up leaders to work on other tasks. Not only does this save you time, but it also allows you team to engage with one another in a more personable manner, something that can be awkward in highly competitive work environments.

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1 Comment

  1. jamespember

    July 11, 2014 at 6:08 am

    Thanks for the write up Jennifer, much appreciated!

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