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Tasks in a Box makes Office 365 frustration-free

tasks in a box

(Tech News) Tasks in a Box has launched to make your Office 365 experience infinitely more productive, and it makes Office significantly more easy to use.

tasks in a box

Tasks in a Box is the ultimate Office helper

The basis for Tasks in a Box (TIAB) is a menagerie of tricks and tools that combine everything you need together, helping you work more efficiently. From facilitating basic task management actions, to scenarios that were impossible with SharePoint lists, TIAB enables you to work more efficiently whether alone or in a team.

TIAB fully integrates into Office 365 and augments the tools you already use. As the tools do their thing, it helps build templates to support your everyday processes and save you from repetitive work. This helps you eliminate email overflow, avoid mistakes, and stay on top of your deadlines.

The heart of the platform is, as you may have guessed, the box. A box can be a project, a sub-project, or even tasks pertaining to a specific assignment or document. Because many tasks are part of a bigger picture, TISB works beyond stand-alone tasks; automatically creating and assigning tasks to the right person when a milestone occurs, so you only see tasks relevant to the current time frame. Each box is a separate entity where you gather all the right people to get the job done; where each member has an assigned role. You can also invite guests and clients to view this information as well, depending on box settings.

Add in a dash of templates

Templates keep you from doing the same thing over and over; they allow you to save and re-use the workflows, teams, or set of tasks you use regularly. By setting some rules, you can eventually automatically assign the right people to the right roles, based on the boxes’ content. TIAB fully integrates into the Office 365 and SharePoint Online environments you already use, so you have access to what you need without toggling between programs.

With the automation of tasks, the ability to see other people’s boxes while still keeping some things private, and the streamlining with existing Office 365 information, TIAB can help you stay on top of your team, tasks, and most importantly, deadlines. TIAB is $2.49 per user, per month.

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