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Receiptful: Turn emailed receipts into useful marketing tools


(Tech News) Receiptful turns emailed receipts into actionable marketing tracking when you send, how many are opened, and when the recipient takes action.


Taking advantage of a missed opportunity

Chances are that if you are selling something, you are issuing receipts. Receipts are more than likely an automated function, to save time and deliver them as quickly as possible, but what if you could use them as a marketing tool?

Receiptful is a new app that works with online payment system, Stripe to help you manage your receipts and your customers more effectively by using your receipts to market actionable services and promotions.

Receiptful uses analytics to track the number of email receipts you send, how many of those receipts are opened, and traces when the recipient takes action. Each receipt offers an upsell area, so you can offer a coupon code, promotion, or other incentive for your customer to return again. You can also use it to promote another section of your website, or newly released items. Receiptful also offers social media buttons, allowing your customers to become influencers by easily promoting your brand across their favorite social media sites.

Increase customer lifetime value with every receipt

Receiptful also structures their receipts to guide the customer’s eye to the important details making it easy for them to get in contact with you, if needed. With every receipt you send, you can increase customer lifetime value by including actionable messages, such as: did you know about this feature? Earn extra money by telling a friend, coupons, and other reminders to check out your website.

Receipts are a necessary part of doing business, but Receiptful turns something necessary into an additional marketing platform. And while this is a very useful marketing tool, it hinges on one thing: your recipient has to open the email to see the actionable area. Some people open every email they receive, but a lot of people do not. If they need a receipt later, for taxes or simply to remember what they have purchased; they type what they need in the email search bar and quickly pull it up and by then your coupon, promotion, or new feature, will likely have ended.

However, with the Receiptful analytics, it should be clear whether or not your emails are being opened, if they are, I think the marketing value of this would be quite useful, if not, you may need to look into a suitable alternative.



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