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Qwertywriter: Drool-worthy vintage USB typewriter keyboard

qwertywriter keyboard

(Tech News) If you’re a nostalgic type but can’t revert to pre-iPad technologies, one inventor has the perfect answer: the new Qwertywriter keyboard.

qwertywriter keyboard

Qwertywriter is nostalgic and awesome

Recently having met its goal on Kickstarter, Qwertywriter USB keyboard will soon begin production and ships out shortly thereafter.

The vintage typewriter is inspired by an old fashioned Remington typewriter, feels just like an old typewriter, and dad gummit, it even makes sounds like an old typewriter.

The Qwertywriter can hold an iPad in both landscape mode or portrait mode to suit your favorite orientation, works with your desktop, and with every stroke of the 84 key device that connects via USB, you’ll feel like an old timey Clark Kent at his desk whipping up his latest works before zipping away to get naked in a phone booth before saving the world!

Video preview of the Qwertywriter

They could soon add bluetooth and wireless capabilities, and they could get rid of the cosmetic return bar to make it literally functional. We’ll see how the success of this inventor’s first batch goes before we call it completely useful, but as it stands right now, the prototype has us drooling over here.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. tom

    May 30, 2015 at 9:58 am

    please sell QUERTZ in Germany!!!

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