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Brilliant CSS3 presentations inspired by Prezi

Brilliant, overly unique presentations

If you are seeking a unique way to share a presentation online and you are very tech savvy or have a developer on staff, there is a newly developed framework available using CSS3 inspired by Prezi that functions within a full screen on a browser and will blow away any viewer.

Enter Impress.js which adds 3D transitions and beautiful text with special effects like spinning, and while it is similar to Prezi, this is really for the ultra geeky who want to build their own tool (and know what “.js” is) rather than use a third party application for presentations, as everyone knows having full control over all aspects of marketing is always ideal. Click here for a live demonstration, as the video above may be too fast to read.

Users simply use the arrow keys or use the spacebar to navigate through all of the slides and the great news is that the source code has been made available on GitHub. Modern browsers are supported, but we noticed mobile browsing is not yet supported, but perhaps it will be soon. It is named “Impress” for a reason as it really is a breathtaking presentation format.

If you use Impress.js for a presentation, email the Editor to be considered for a feature story on AGBeat.


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