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marketing to millennials

Believe it: You can volunteer at non-profits to pay off your student debt

Feb 05, 2016No Comments

Considering that college grads now owe in the neighborhood of $29,000-30,000 or more upon graduation (and plenty of industry experts still feel that number is on the low

career staff

Survey: Employers reveal hiring pla...

According to a recent study conducted by Indeed, small

Feb 04, 2016
google cardboard

Google Cardboard downloads surpass ...

You saw how popular original apps were when they

Feb 04, 2016
etsy store macys

SQUEE! Etsy is coming to a brick an...

Located in New York, and strategically placed inside of

Feb 04, 2016

Tech News


The real reasons not everyone is buying Internet of Things devices

Feb 04, 2016No Comments

I always wonder just how much interaction with the internet do we really need? Is it absolutely necessary for me to talk to my coffee pot? My bathroom


Cocoon Cam is a baby monitor on tec...

Cocoon Cam, a new video and wellness monitor is

Feb 03, 2016

Hey! Vina: Matchmaking app for ladi...

After graduating college, one of the first things females

Feb 01, 2016

Basslet: The bracelet that transfer...

What if I told you there was an new

Jan 28, 2016

Social Media

growth hacking

Which of your Facebook posts is pissing people off the most? [Study]

Feb 05, 2016No Comments

A recent survey of over 10,000 social media users reveals the five most annoying Facebook posts, as broken down by state.


One in three companies ha...

According to a recent survey, social media has now

Feb 03, 2016
LinkedIn logo

Clean up your LinkedIn pr...

LinkedIn’s primary functionality makes it entirely different than your

Jan 28, 2016
peach social media app

We’re callin’...

Given its offerings and interest, Peach will most likely

Jan 26, 2016

Business Marketing

beauty brands influencers

How beauty brands tap influencers (and you should, too)

Feb 04, 2016No Comments

Recently, more and more brands and companies are leveraging influencers to drive engagement and awareness, and usage isn’t slowing. Marketers are teaming up with influencers for content creation

freelancer finance

How marketers are measuri...

All marketers should evaluate their strategy. If you’re not

Feb 04, 2016
secret coffee shop

Pop-up coffee shop tricke...

It’s a formula that works for marketing in general;

Feb 04, 2016
freelancer finance

Here’s where the bi...

Newer social ad venues are intriguing marketers. Many senior

Feb 03, 2016

Your Money

money cash

Freelancers: How to stop billing hourly and get the cash monies you deserve

Jan 26, 2016No Comments

Working as a freelancer isn’t easy. Despite the hard work, many professionals choose this route in order to escape the daily grind of working for an hourly wage.

black friday shopping

Which retailers are forec...

The face of retailers is changing as online sales

Jan 20, 2016
cash money invoices

Freelancers: here are 7 w...

It's easy to feel uncomfortable bringing up money with

Jan 12, 2016
iphone social media texting

Are lenders determining c...

Shopping for a small-business loan? Lenders are now using

Dec 08, 2015

Business Editorials

small business owner

Small businesses are the heart of America [editorial]

Feb 03, 2016No Comments

Small businesses are the heart of America, and they are also the core of a stable economy. It is in our best interest to support our small business

viral marketing emotional marketing

Paying for visual content? Wonderin...

It’s the internet equivalent of winning the lottery. It’s

Jan 21, 2016

Enthusiastic 80s parents didn’...

1980s parents are criticized for pampering children, but their

Jan 21, 2016
woman working

Editorial response: “Are gen ...

According to a Fast Company article, I’m getting lost

Jan 20, 2016

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