Business News


Brits reject Black Friday – is there hope for us?

Nov 26, 2015No Comments

The U.K. has attempted to introduce Black Friday shopping to its masses, but after 3 years and a negative response, they might be scrapping the idea.


3 things you can do to grow more br...

According to her new TED Talk, Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret

Nov 26, 2015

Top cities for black-owned business...

A survey was conducted to find out how many

Nov 25, 2015

Nurtz offers proofreaders without l...

How many times have you wished you had someone

Nov 25, 2015

Tech News

faa drone rules

FAA task force requires all drones to be registered with Uncle Sam

Nov 26, 2015No Comments

A task force was created to regulate drones, and their proposal is simple: they must be registered with the U.S. government. Do you think it's gone too far?


Visually stunning Timeline tracks y...

Like marking a child's height against the wall, watch

Nov 25, 2015
youtube extension

This new Chrome extension allows yo...

SidePlayer, a new Chrome extension, allows you to watch

Nov 24, 2015
smart mirror

Nerd alert: You can make your own s...

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. All you need is

Nov 19, 2015

Social Media


Facebook set to launch “search profile” feature (and it actually matters)

Nov 24, 2015No Comments

Facebook is testing out another feature to make finding things on your profile even easier. Will you use it or will it cause more problems for users?


Social media analytics he...

PeakFeed keeps social media management simple, offering weekly reports

Nov 23, 2015

The science behind taking...

Taking a good selfie matters to many, and there

Nov 23, 2015
google aboutme

Google’s new “...

Google has launched a new "About Me" section to

Nov 19, 2015

Business Marketing


Are millennials even getting your brand’s message?

Nov 27, 2015No Comments

When it comes to marketing to millennials, making sure your brand is engaging with them most effectively is key. Here are some tips on how to reach them.

taco bell valet

Pull my car around, IR...

One Taco Bell is doing the unthinkable and offering

Nov 24, 2015
gas station tv

Time will tell if Gas Sta...

If a consumer can fast forward through or block

Nov 24, 2015
google cardboard

YouTube videos + Google C...

Google Cardboard Glasses are a cheap and interesting way

Nov 18, 2015

Your Money

startups fail

Startup failure: This tool helps you sell assets on hand so it’s not a total loss

Nov 23, 2015No Comments

If your startup is not going to succeed, instead of calling it a loss, you can at least sell the endless assets you have so you can recoup

overstock gold is hiding f... has overstocked supplies and precious metals - if

Nov 19, 2015

HixMe reimagines healthca...

How one healthcare company has found a way to

Nov 13, 2015
freelancer finance

3 finance apps for freela...

Finance apps can sound daunting when you're trying to

Nov 09, 2015

Business Editorials

girl power whatever

“Girl Power” advertisting: Give me a break

Nov 26, 2015No Comments

The "Girl Power" advertising angle is starting to wear thin, and marketing at women's flaws and insecurities is not as effective as it used to be.

instant gratification

Make it snappy: Instant gratificati...

We want it now! Here's what some psychologists say

Nov 24, 2015
moschino barbie

Mattel features little boy in Barbi...

In a new Barbie ad running on tv, Mattel

Nov 18, 2015
amazon book store retail

Amazon’s new offline book sto...

Even though Google decided not to open a retail

Nov 18, 2015

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