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Ford allegedly bans customer for negative survey responses

Oct 05, 2015No Comments

Ford seems to have taken the customer survey to an all-new extreme: banning a customer for leaving negative feedback. Is this a new trend?

chris treadaway

Tech leader offers blunt, veracious...

As part of our ongoing series on #WhyAustin, we

Oct 04, 2015
social media

Traditional vs. digital media consu...

Social media consumption is on the rise and the

Oct 04, 2015
digital trends

New study reconfirms that most apps...

How many apps do you have on your phone

Oct 01, 2015

Tech News


Bitcoin gift certificates are now available

Oct 05, 2015No Comments

Bitcoin is still around and still waiting to be adopted by the masses. The latest app hopes to help with this by letting you sent Bitcoin gift certificates.

google project soli

Google’s Project Soli brings ...

Using super fast, ultra tiny, very reliable radar technology,

Oct 01, 2015

Total-Apps turns your Facebook vide...

Facebook has long been hailed as the place to

Oct 01, 2015

Sneaky new feature on Apple’s...

Apple's latest iOS release has created a bit of

Sep 30, 2015

Social Media

holiday shopping

How this holiday shopping season be more social media based

Oct 04, 2015No Comments

With the holiday season right around the corners, marketing analysts are already beginning to predict what the shopping season will hold.

facebook notes

Facebook Notes revamp rol...

Facebook Notes was hinted at recently, with no clues

Sep 30, 2015

News flash: Not all Mille...

Millennials are thought to be obsessed with social, but

Sep 29, 2015

SmarterQueue schedules so...

Social media scheduling is nearly as old as Twitter,

Sep 27, 2015

Business Marketing

Blue Swimsuit self portrait

Makeup now being developed for selfies (we’re serious)

Sep 25, 2015No Comments

The new selfie-loving generation has created the need for selfie-centered products. Have you considered cosmetics to be among these? They are. Here's why.

baby boomers and mobile ads

Baby Boomers hate your mo...

If your target demographic is Baby Boomers, they're tech

Sep 24, 2015

MailRoof: Find lost custo...

MailRoof is about to be in beta to help

Sep 22, 2015
social media ads

The art of nailing low-co...

Social media ads can be a low-cost, high-yield business

Sep 21, 2015

Your Money


Birdly: Manage your business expenses from right inside Slack

Sep 23, 2015No Comments

Birdly is a Slack add-on that makes managing your expenses as easy as having a conversation in Slack. This tool reveals a growing trend in the workforce: Slack gives you a per... has launched and makes receiving payments so ridiculously

Sep 14, 2015

Float helps you better pr...

Float is a new startup in beta that helps

Aug 26, 2015
cushion app

Cushion app helps freelan...

Cushion has launched to help freelancers track and predict

Aug 20, 2015

Business Editorials

marketing to millennials

The 5 phrases intelligent people never use in conversation

Sep 30, 2015No Comments

There are phrases that intelligent people simply don't use, and avoiding them can help improve your communication skills instantly. Don't get caught using one of these phrases!

to do list productivity

Many still rely upon pen and paper ...

Productivity apps are all the rage, but pen and

Sep 27, 2015
the gig economy

Workers of the world, disunite! The...

Independent contractor statuses are being reviewed by the government,

Sep 22, 2015

A historical look at how the defini...

Fascinating! The word "happy" has shifted in America over

Sep 03, 2015

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