Business News

vemma pyramid scheme

Feds bust another “nutrition company” as a pyramid scheme

Aug 30, 2015No Comments

Another MLM pyramid scheme has been exposed and is getting a huge spanking from the feds; perhaps others will be busted soon.

bad terms of service

Abusive retailer threatens customer...

Judges don't often side with consumers when a retailer

Aug 30, 2015

Tesla Model S P85D rocks so hard it...

The Tesla Model S P85D is so incredible, that

Aug 29, 2015
equity directory

Equity Directory pairs startups wit...

Equity Directory has launched in beta to help startups

Aug 26, 2015

Tech News

adobe flash

Google Chrome will block flash ads (they’ll present, but not animate) & auto-play ads

Aug 30, 2015No Comments

Flash ads will no longer be an option for Google Chrome users, so what now for advertisers?

siri give us a hint

Apple’s sassiest event announ...

Siri is being used in a fascinating way -

Aug 28, 2015

Smartcasual makes business networki...

Smartcasual is about to launch, and it looks like

Aug 28, 2015

If your business relies on any supp...

It can take a lot of time to call,

Aug 27, 2015

Social Media

m personal assistant Facebook

Facebook pilots “M,” a Siri-esque personal assistant

Aug 30, 2015No Comments

Facebook M is being tested so the social network can take over yet another function of your internet life. Are you on board?


Obscure social media site...

You already know about Facebook and Twitter, but do

Aug 25, 2015
google hangouts

Google Hangouts improveme...

Google says they've been obsessing over fixing bugs, and

Aug 20, 2015
magic actions

Magic Actions plugin is a...

Magic Actions is a free plugin that augments your

Aug 19, 2015

Business Marketing

facebook money

Beware the Zuckerbook money-doubling machine: spotting a bad ad spend

Aug 30, 2015No Comments

Promises of doubling your money with Facebook ads is actually a pretty bad bet: why the "breaking even" promise of an ad cost is garbage.


Slack is years old, but i...

Slack has been around for a while, but they're

Aug 27, 2015

Placeit makes fancy mocku...

Placeit is for the DIY marketers that need a

Aug 19, 2015

Signr adds content to you...

Signr is in beta to help expand your reach

Aug 18, 2015

Your Money


Float helps you better predict your future cash flow

Aug 26, 2015No Comments

Float is a new startup in beta that helps any business improve their finances without having to be a math whiz.

cushion app

Cushion app helps freelan...

Cushion has launched to help freelancers track and predict

Aug 20, 2015
able lending

Able: World’s first col...

Small business lending is often stacked in favor of

Aug 19, 2015
credit cards

Square helps you meet leg...

Square will win tons of new business for their

Aug 18, 2015

Business Editorials


Uber is now worth $50B, can they sustain their business model?

Aug 27, 20151 Comment

Uber is now worth a reported $50B, and they've made major strides, but are they innovating too quickly? Will they be able to sustain this growth?

business and dating

What if this dating app were recrea...

Every business professional must network, but doing so can

Aug 13, 2015
ux big data

Big data is watching you – so...

This editorial on big data is the one you

Aug 04, 2015
to do lists

4 reasons patient people are more l...

Patient people are often the most successful, but why

Aug 02, 2015

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