1password creates, remembers strong passwords for you

March 22, 2013


1password manages your passwords like a champ

One of the most annoying things is going to a website and not remembering your password. All you want to do is tweet and you’re so used to being logged in at the office that when you’re at home, you always have to reset your passwords because you can’t recall them. We’re all trying to keep our identities safe from keyloggers and hackers, but it is a lot to ask of the average person to remember the various combinations of passwords created.

That’s where 1password comes in. The company creates strong, unique passwords for you, then remembers them, restore them, all inside of your browser. While there are free tools, 1password costs $49.99 and is compatible on Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

“Once you’ve created your identities, select one in your web browser to quickly fill out a contact form. Store multiple credit cards to simplify and speed up your online shopping, filling checkout forms with ease,” the company explains.

Keeping yourself safe

It’s more than just remembering passwords, it’s implementing strong passwords that aren’t based on your kid’s names or your birthday.

PwnedList offers the largest database of stolen credentials as they grab data leaks when they happen – in other words, if you’ve been hacked, your email address is in their database. Enter your email and you’ll instantly know if your email has been hacked, because most of the time you’ll never know.

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PwnedList Co-Founder, Steve Thomas says that hackers aren’t having to work that hard and urges people to use strong passwords. 1password is one tool that can help to achieve just that by generating passwords and remembering them so that you can be lazy about remembering your password, and can also worry less because you know the passwords on your accounts are strong.

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  1. Great password safety info. I personally use SplashData’s SplashID Safe and by far, it is the password manager that I came across with specialized edition for business necessities like company-level password sharing and work coordination.

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