How to build a mobile app without knowing any code

February 1, 2012

Dissolving the tech learning curve

With the rise of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, many small businesses and professionals are struggling with where to invest money and where to save, while some debate that building a custom app is the only way to go for some niche industries while others debate that spending no money on an app is the appropriate move for other niche industries.

While it does depend on what industry you are in and what your consumers expect, demand or hope for, professionals that are feeling the pinch to develop a mobile app can do so without knowing any code. For free.

Enter appafolio which is a great entry point for businesses seeking to find their place in the mobile app world but are not sure yet whether or not the return on investment is there quite yet. Appafolio allows professionals to create a native presentation for the iOS (the operating system for Apple products), and never have to learn any programming languages.

The creation is simple and feels like a prettier version of a presentation software (PowerPoint or Keynote), just download the appafolio app or use its native website to choose text, videos and/or images you want to feature in your multi-page, slideshow-ready mobile app. Content in your app can be updated anytime – add new photos, videos or screens without requiring that consumers download an update which otherwise would be a major stumbling block for consumers that would hinder adoption and use.

When you’re finished creating your presentation mobile app, you can promote it by instructing consumers view your appafolio app by simply offering a shortlink or a pass phrase.

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The app allows for testing your consumer base for their preparedness for mobile apps, their adoption rates, and all at no cost and no learning curve. For some industries, a custom app truly is necessary to invest in, but for those that are unsure, free is a great starting point.

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  1. Nice tutorial, i am not a coder but wanted to create an app for mobile. I am surprised to know that i can now create one without knowing the code in a simple and easy way.

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