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18 minutes of the weirdest Japanese commercials ever

japanese commercials

(Marketing News) Japanese commercials are fascinating, especially the more creative or odd ads, so let’s take a look at some of the weird compilations on the web.

japanese commercials

Japanese commercials will delight and terrify you

In America, we have our fair share of stupid, creative, and ridiculous commercials that other nations could very easily laugh at, but Japanese commercials are so fascinating that they’ve been compiled into short videos to showcase the weirdest of the weird.

We don’t know if some of these are advertising food or banks, clothes or medical services, but they’re all imaginative. Mostly chaos, these fast paced commercials are super entertaining.

There’s not exactly a takeaway lesson here, and no real value in breaking down the actual ads, but compare them to your company’s and you’ll see a distinct difference, for sure.

Warning: we don’t recommend you watch these with small children, there are some boner references and such.

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1 Comment

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