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5 videos to help you look less ugly in pictures

We’ve all looked like an earthworm or an alcoholic in some ungodly picture floating around the web, but here is how to look good in pictures, no matter whether professionally shot or candid through a smartphone.


look good in pictures

It IS possible to look good in pictures

Everyone, and we mean everyone has had unflattering photos taken of them, exacerbated by being tagged on Facebook with drunk face, earthworm face, or that smarmy smile you thought looked really genuine. Even models have to study the camera and their best angles, and whether a posed shot in front of a professional photographer, or a candid photo taken by someone’s smartphone, you can do better with these tips and tricks.

1. Professionals’ guide on how to look good in pictures

First featured on AGBeat in 2011, this remains one of the most helpful videos out there to help anyone take less ugly pictures. Even you, earthworm.
[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”9PSOSNqHgwA”]

2. General tips for looking good in photos

Even if you’re ugly, you can look great. Seriously:
[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”oy_xiHO-9C4″]

3. Look thinner, hotter in shots

Featuring various tips (some common tips as mentioned in previous videos), this video stands out because, hello, it tells you how to look skinner or flatter your giant or tiny honker of a nose!
[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”0OWKw1m5E_Q”]

4. How to smile naturally for photos

Saying “cheeeeese” for all of these years is what has you looking like someone about to sell stolen speakers from the back of their van. Other people have problems being comfortable with smiling, and that’s natural, so take a gander at the fix:
[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”aJjnNix-Lp8″]

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5. Best for last

This 15 minute video was first featured here last year, but it has been the most transformative to almost everyone here on staff because it makes earthworm face a thing of the past and shows great before and after shots to sear these tips into your brain. You’re welcome.
[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”Qe3oJnFtA_k”]

Pet peeves in pictures – stop doing these things

We introduce you to these quick tips because we’ve been to enough conferences and met enough people that look nothing like their picture that we have literally felt lied to and betrayed by a gorgeous headshot but a BLAH person in person, which leads us to the first tip of many:

  1. If you’re not hot, who cares? You’re here to sell your brand, not blockbuster movies, so be accurate in your pictures, don’t overly Photoshop. People will be HULK angry if you have a picture online that looks like Angelina Jolie but you show up looking like post-bender Courtney Love.
  2. Don’t be lame. No props, no fake books in the background, no side poses with the hand under the chin, no puppies, no kittens (okay, maybe kittens), no sneakers with your 1980s shoulder pad business suit, and no phones. Do you hear me? No cell phones or office phones in your picture- we get it, you know how to dial and put the receiver thingy to your ear hole, but so does a second grader – you look ridiculous. Stop it.
  3. Please use a photographer. If you’re not going to, at least don’t use a crappy phone with low resolution or a webcam in the dark that makes you look like you should be interviewed by Chris Hansen in To Catch a Predator.
  4. Avoid situational images. No fourth of July star spangled banners or Christmas turtlenecks because you’ll have to change them frequently and they’re probably cheesy anyhow. See #2.
  5. No Glamour Shots. In 2013, if you’re using a Glamour Shot people are going to question if you have a second job in the “alternative” movie industry. You know what I mean.
  6. Be your age. If you use an outdated picture, people are going to talk about it, I promise. If you’re 50 and have grey hair, you are forbidden from using a picture of when you were 35 and a brunette. Be real.
  7. No props like sold signs. We get it, you are a professional, and probably a Realtor – it doesn’t need to beat anyone over the head. No pictures of you with your car, especially if it’s small and not gender appropriate. No thumbs up or “how you dooin? gun fingers” or people will think you’re on the cast of Jersey Shore. I admit, these all belong under #2, but we needed to spell it out in detail.

Lani is the COO and News Director at The American Genius, has co-authored a book, co-founded BASHH, Austin Digital Jobs, Remote Digital Jobs, and is a seasoned business writer and editorialist with a penchant for the irreverent.

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