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How bacon can teach you to write better


(Business Marketing) Let this cute punctuation pig guide you through the most common uses of punctuation marks, complete with bacon-themed examples.


Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon

Sentence structure, syntax, word choice, and punctuation; all necessary parts of a well-thought-out sentences, however, flashbacks to English Composition are likely to happen when you hear these terms. No one wants to double-check every sentence for correct structure and punctuation. Luckily, this quick bacon-themed guide is here to help you.

There are 15 punctuation marks in the English language and each mark has very specific, and at times, confusing, uses. Some marks have a solitary use, while other marks, such as the comma, can be used in many different ways. Let this punctuation pig and his bacon-themed shenanigans guide you to better usage and better understanding.

This little guide (seen below) is helpful for writers, of course, but it is also helpful for any professional, in any field. Writing a better email helps you appear more professional. Writing better copy saves you money on editing and re-writes. Writing better marketing campaigns can save you money, time, and keep things on a professional level as well.

It is super handy to bookmark for those instances of: “Do I need a semicolon or colon here?” and “what happens when I have a quote inside of a quote?” Rather than scouring the Internet for a good example, this little guide has the answers to the most commonly used punctuation occurrences.

Even if you are well-versed in punctuation, this handy guide is easy to share, send, and enjoy. I especially like the em dash versus en dash section, as they are frequently confused, if they are used at all. This is an easy way to explain their difference with examples already included.

No more wondering if you have your sentence constructed correctly: just check the guide and find an example. This is so much quicker than searching through academic databases for a relevant example, although for academic writing, especially citations, it is still a good idea to consult the MLA, APA, or Chicago style guide to double-check style guidelines; but for most of us, this bacon-themed guide will do just fine. Great to bookmark and great for a giggle. Which example did you like best?

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