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Concierge takes the hassle out of Shopify email marketing

Concierge has launched in private beta to take all of the work out of email marketing for retailers using the wildly popular e-commerce platform, Shopify.



Retail email marketing can be complicated

Marketing is the key to a successful ecommerce business, but setting up the necessary marketing tools can be tiresome, but Concierge wants to help. Now in private beta, Concierge is a marketing app for Shopify stores, automatically sending emails to your customers featuring your product.

Concierge is a one-click install and there is no setup; just enable the app and it will start analyzing data and sending emails. Concierge uses a unique mix of historical sales data, behavioral data, and personalization to find the best products to send your customers. The longer it runs, the more it will know about your customers and the more it knows about your customers, the better it will drive sales.

Once a week, it will email your customers, so you no longer need to manage subscribers, email lists, or decide what and when to send to your customers. Concierge can email any customer who has chosen to receive email marketing.

Basically, it does all of the work for you

Think of Concierge as a newsletter you do not have to set up, maintain, or send. Everything is automated and you get to enjoy the benefits of having increased traffic to your site. Concierge states, “Shopify recommends email marketing as it is a compelling driver of traffic and sales beating out Twitter and Facebook combined. It also has the highest return on investment, clocking in at 4,300%.”

While this number seems high, it is not too surprising. By sending your product directly to your customers’ inboxes, it is easy to see how this can be more effective than Facebook or Twitter; simply because the customer does not have to go anywhere else; your product is readily available when they check their email. And the faster they can access your product, the more likely they are to buy it. Concierge is currently in private beta and free to try.

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