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Mistakes in ads serve not only as entertainment, but inspiration to check your spelling in the simplest of places!


Hilarious typos in real estate ads

I’m ba-a-a-ack! You can’t escape the eyes of the Big Blooper, my friends. Check out these hilarious gaffes I found in the MLS and in the local real estate ads this past week.

Thanks to Jill Sackler of Plainview, N.Y. for submitting several hilarious gaffes she found. Names withheld to protect the inebriated:

Which Way is North?

“This one is  a winer” (Methinks you are not the best one to judge…)

“This one beans remodeled” (I’d like to see the frank that accompanies the beans.)

“Half a mill looks like a nil” (I imagine your commission check will look the same.)

“Come see whats been addled” (Why bother – I can see your brain from here.)

“Comme now market snot” (Who’s your biggest buyer – Mucinex?)

Which Way is Up?

“High in the Hollywoood halls” (Your high is rather obvious, dude.)

“Dining Rm w/ Faulted Ceiling” (I doubt if it’s any bigger than the fault in your cranium.)

“We drive traffic to your property” (Proudly offered by Teamster Realty.)

“Duck finish lasts forever” (Tell that to the duck in your soup.)

“Don’t seattle for less” (What the Halifax are you trying to say, pal?)

Heading South Quickly

“Very near country cub” (That explains the screaming campers up the tree.)

“Large confound” (Is this what you say to yourself ever morning when you arise?)

“You want the bess – this is it” (The tattoo Bess Truman had inked on her a_ _  after a wild night in The White House rose garden.)

“Lawn bow” (For those interested in green archery.)

“Your hun ends here” (…Yelled Attila’s wife when she caught him in the act of, uh, ‘plundering.’)

Completely and Hopelessly Lost

“Seller picked his own log” (Reason # 1 he’ll never be on my list of dinner guests.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: Spell well and sell!

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