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Dubasdo is the CRM aimed at easing client relations


(MARKETING) Dubsado is a pretty cool CRM for entrepreneurs and small businesses that helps to streamline communication.

Management tools

When running your own business, there are a million things to pay attention to. In addition to finding new customers, you also need to keep your current clients at top priority. Dubsado is not just another CRM.

They call themselves the “all in one business management tool” aimed at finding an easier solution to client relations.

Dubsado ftw

Dubsado makes paying attention to these intricacies easier by automating communication. Through Dubsado, businesses can use the dashboard to manage the client onboarding process. After getting the initial lead, you can automate a custom questionnaire followed by an email to keep the communication lines flowing.

The simple dashboard shows what step you are in the process to keep up to date with multiple clients at the same time.

In addition to managing clients, Dubsado has included a ton of features perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses. These include workflow automation, managing to do lists, creating reminders, sending contracts and accepting credit card payments all through their site. These features make Dubsado a one-stop shop for any business need. Their goal is take some of the work load off your plate.

the goal

When creating Dubsado, the main focus was on the experience for both the user and the client. In their own simple terms, the creators wanted to “make something better and easier to use” to take small businesses to the next step.

To make this happen, automation was key.

This way less time is spent sending emails and tracking leads one by one. They also made the site responsive for mobile users to manage business from anywhere and at any time.

yours to try

Dubsado did not want to get hung up on pricing so they allow anyone to try it out with a free limited trial. You can also test out to see how emails will appear when sent to clients and possible leads. They structured their pricing with three tiers: monthly, yearly and the forever plan. The monthly plan starts at an affordable $20 to accommodate companies of any size.

The goal is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve goals faster, by creating an organized and automated system to streamline communication.


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