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Stellar repository of the best email designs around

really good emails

(Business Marketing) When you’re looking for inspiration for your own email marketing, check out this searchable showcase of the best email designs around.

really good emails

Looking for email design inspiration?

Are your emailers ugly? Is your newsletter boring and outdated? Are you wondering what others are doing that is impressive, but don’t want to go subscribe to every single email list just to get an idea of what templates are being regurgitated?

What began as experimenting in creating and marketing a site “as fast as humanly possible” while getting value out of it, Matthew Smith launched Really Good Emails, a repository of the best email designs around. Now, you don’t have to subscribe to endless emailers just to take a look under the hood.

The site allows you to peruse email designs based on the following categories (scroll down):

  • Activation
  • Alerts
  • Announcement
  • CMS
  • Confirmation
  • Ecommerce
  • Email Digest
  • Events
  • Featured Product
  • Invitation
  • New Article
  • Newsletter
  • Notice
  • Onboarding
  • Password Reset
  • Product Sale
  • Product Update
  • Promotion
  • Receipt
  • Retention
  • Social
  • Support
  • Survey
  • Transactional
  • Welcome

Now, you can get an idea of what copy, design, and methods big brands and startups alike are employing, in a minimalist, easy to browse way that doesn’t consume all of your time. Get in, get inspired, get out. Easy peasy.

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1 Comment

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