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“Generic brand video” parodies corporate advertising, is awesome

generic brand video

(Business Marketing) Published by stock video company, Dissolve, this “Generic Brand Video” parody mocks the formula used for modern advertising – ethnic variety, a random baby, beakers, genius.

generic brand video

Generic brand video is awesome and horrible

Dissolve offers license royalty-free stock footage for designers and storytellers, and as untraditional as their business model, their advertising is just as much so. They have just released a video called “Generic Brand Video” which is a seamless compilation of stock video from their site, strung together to not only show the extensiveness and quality of their available product, but to grab attention as they mock modern advertising.

“Equality, innovation, honesty and advancement… are all words we choose from a list,” the Southern narrator chimes in. Genius.

Scientists with beakers, time lapse cars, a random bird in the forest – it all feels so familiar because it looks like every generic ad you’ve ever seen, particularly from the global conglomerates that espouse their values with generic video.

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