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Kissmetrics is luring business with the promise of quick, usable data

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(MARKETING NEWS) Kissmetrics says that they have data that is ready and available at fingertips to use to your company’s advantage.

Patterns matter

Figuring out customers’ behavior patterns is an integral part of creating a successful online marketing campaign. These days, more data is available to companies than any other time.

In fact, one expert in the field, Kissmetrics, suggests that everything companies need to understand their customers is at their fingertips. It is simply a matter of using the right tools to extract the data.

Kissmetrics comprehension

Kissmetrics refers to their service as a Customer Engagement Automation Platform. They provide support to companies through analyzing behavioral data, automating email campaigns and delivering comprehensive reports based on their findings.

The idea is to help companies find their MVP customers, and then use that data to seek out more.

Through utilizing platforms such as Kissmetrics, businesses have a starting point to more easily understand their demographic and in turn interact with their customers and provide better products.

Managing customers

There are numerous tools available to companies in order to manage customer data. However, Kissmetrics recommends one in particular, called Segment, to work alongside their service.

Segment collects customer data from every platform available.

This includes mobile devices, websites, servers and the cloud. It then analyzes the data and determines what tools will make the most of it. Segment essentially does the work for you through sharing data across all platforms and organizations. All companies need to do is install the Segment tracking code, and they can get started right away.

Hand in hand

Of course, there are other data collecting tools to experiment with. There will also always be new tools on the horizon as technology continually develops. However, the headache that can arise from adding multiple tracking codes will not improve the process. Engineers and marketers should harmoniously work together, and they can do so when a minimal number of effective tools are used in lieu of multiple experimental ones.

Kissmetrics and Segment are perfectly integrated to provide a detailed overview of customer behavioral data. Kissmetrics automatically displays data that Segment collects and then delivers a report directly to marketers. With these simple and effective tools, businesses can successfully cater to every current customers’ needs while also attracting new ones.


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