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Nest Atlanta Real Estate Group’s website – marketing spotlight

Streamlined design

When we first came across Nest Atlanta Real Estate Group’s website, we were drawn to the modern color palette and textures, glossy images and beautiful large fonts. When we dug deeper, we were welcomed by simple navigation and cheerful copy and clever phrases that invited us to stay for a while.

The site design evokes the feeling of stepping into a trendy interior design office or a freshly opened clothing retailer. The information buyers and sellers need is easy to find and easy to navigate, the about page is clear and even invites consumers to rate them publicly, making this site one that serves as great inspiration.

The downside of this website as with most well designed sites is that the IDX (First Multiple Listing Service by is aesthetically outdated compared to the site. The IDX is comprised of dozens of boring square boxes with a common font and prompts as well as colors that are nowhere near up to date. This is a common problem with real estate websites is that the IDX feed of homes as the site’s property search is often not up to par.

The only criticism we have is that there may be too many words on the site – a rule of thumb for websites, speeches, presentations and the like is that you should take what you have and cut it in half… then, if you can cut it half again, you should. Consumers are short on attention now in a world of 140 characters per Twitter, and being as concise as possible is often the best course of action and if you can communicate more concisely, expertise is more obvious.

Photo tour of Nest Atlanta Real Estate Group’s site

We share with you a tour of Nest in an effort to beg the real estate industry to get inspired and stop using websites that look like this (click here) horrendous site, rather design more like Nest’s site:


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