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Memorable TED Talks presented in poster form

ted talks

In an effort to spread ideas even further, TED has captured Facebook fans’ attention with poster-style images featuring memorable quotes from TED Talks, a trend we expect to become widespread.


TED Talks’ visual roundup

TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is an international speakers’ series designed to showcase “ideas worth spreading,” and just shy of their 30th year, the organization has become a popular source of web videos for inspirational speeches.

After their recent conference in Long Beach, California, the organization opted not only to post videos on YouTube of the speakers and stream the event in real time, they have offered a more longer lasting impression through poster-style images shared on their Facebook page, averaging thousands of shares, spreading the concepts of the conference beyond just video.

This image series is not only popular, but will likely become common for other conferences seeking to expand their digital footprint beyond the stage and video. The question is not whether or not other “inspirational posters” will come forth after conferences or other speaker series, but whether or not they will be designed with quality and aesthetics in mind or if they will (and they will) end up cluttered and dominated with outdated conference logos.

Memorable TED Talks moments:

[pl_carousel name=”Memorable TED Talk moments”][pl_carouselimage first=”yes” title=”Nilofer Merchant” imageurl=”” ]
“Sitting has become the smoking of our generation.”

[pl_carouselimage title=”Eric Brynjolfsson” imageurl=””]
“The answer is not to try to slow down technology. Humans need to race the machine.”

[pl_carouselimage title=”Stuart Firestein” imageurl=””]
“Sometimes science is like looking for a black cat in a dark room. It’s difficult – especially when there is no cat.”

[pl_carouselimage title=”Phil Hansen” imageurl=””]
“Instead of telling each other to seize the day, maybe we can remind ourselves each day to seize the limitations.”

[pl_carouselimage title=”Jack Andraka” imageurl=””]
“You don’t have to be a professor with multiple degrees to have your ideas valued.”

[pl_carouselimage title=”Peter Singer” imageurl=””]
“There is a growing movement called effective altruism. It’s important because it combines both the heart and the head.”

[pl_carouselimage title=”Jared Diamond” imageurl=””]
“There are many things old people can do better than young people – the challenge for society is to make use of those things.”

[pl_carouselimage title=”James Lyne” imageurl=””]
“60% of profile pictures on internet dating sites contain the GPS coordinates of where it was taken.”

[pl_carouselimage title=”Dan Pallotta” imageurl=””]
“People are yearning to be asked to use the full measure of their potential for something they care about.”

[pl_carouselimage title=”Jim Flynn” imageurl=””]
“In the 20th century, we’ve gone from people who analyzed a concrete world to people who confront a complex world.”

[pl_carouselimage title=”Kate Stone” imageurl=””]
“I liked the idea of an everyday object doing something different.”

[pl_carouselimage title=”Larry Lessig” imageurl=””]
“We’re in a system to save the status quo – this saves the left and the right but helps no one.”


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