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Is online shopping getting a QVC style makeover?

online shopping checkout live

(MARKETING) A new startup has begun beta testing its new online shopping checkout system that is sure to save you time and return shipping labels.

Is what you see what you get?

Shopping online can a fraught process. You see a pair of boots, or a bold liquid lipstick created by a certain famous kid, or even something major, like a laptop that Consumer Reports won’t stop raving over.

While the boots, lipstick and laptop all look great on the screen, what happens if you buy and they’re nothing like what you thought you were ordering?

With Checkout Live, yes

Checkout Live is a new platform aimed businesses who understand why some consumers hesitate to shop online. Their premise is “Shoppable Interactive Live Video.”

Picture a YouTube product review, but on a professional platform.

The platform is built with business uses in mind, and dedicated to direct engagement with the audience. There’s also that handy “Buy” button waiting patiently next to each video.

Checkout Live offers high quality live streaming from any device, and is compatible with both webcams and professional cameras.

Their website stresses building “authentic” relationships with consumers, with the ability to respond directly to chat messages. That means no more scrolling through YouTube comments to see if your question has already been answered.

Ask about boot sizing, ask about blue lipstick on an olive skin tone, ask ask away! The service also emphasizes its ability to target “an active shopping audience” – people who are seriously searching for a new product.

Peace of mind

Checkout Live is currently in beta, and free to use; they only charge a fee on products actually sold. Their website seems to focus on makeup and beauty tool demos, but any product that can be tried on or used could benefit from this kind of direct, engaged advertising.

Imagine a dress worn by various sizes of models as they each walk around and discuss how it feels, moves, and looks while taking questions from their viewers.

Imagine a device being tried out in real time as viewers ask to see specific functionalities.Click To Tweet

Imagine feeling like you’ve tried on that outfit, worn that foundation, worked on that laptop – and happily, comfortably, clicking “Buy.”


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