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Should your brand focus on Pinterest or Instagram?

Pinterest and Instagram both have the potential to electrify your business, but how can you tap into that revenue potential? Which platform should you use as your foundation for visual marketing?

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Pinterest and Instagram both have the potential to electrify your business, but how can you tap into that revenue potential? Which platform should you use as your foundation for visual marketing? If you are looking for the best return on your visual marketing, Instagram seems to have the edge.


Click through conversions highest on Instagram, but why?

Instagram already boasts the highest click-through conversion rates, and while both Pinterest and Instagram attract predominantly female subscribers, Instagram is slightly more evenly split.

Research shows women are 10% more likely to support their preferred brands online, however, women are less inclined to act on a buy button than men.

Why have brands on Instagram been able to get their followers to use the buy button? Due to  the even split of men and women, brands can target their posts by gender. Pinterest marketing caters to a predominantly female audience, which forces marketers to keep their messages unisex in nature. Instagram offers marketers the ability to create multiple accounts, allowing the opportunity to market products to specific audiences. Posts can be tailored to any audience, and allows brands to interact with the audiences on a more personal level.

Making emotional connections

When you are able to take generic product promotion out of the equation, your marketing becomes more personal. Posts become more about the emotional connection to the brand, rather than an ad to convince users to make a purchase.

Instagrammers follow people and brands they have a connection with. This emotional interplay builds brand loyalty, and when a user sees that buy button, they click on it because of the connection.

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If you want to make real strides in claiming a place in social media, you need to consider Instagram for what it is – a way to connect with people. That connection you create will promote a way for people to connect to your brand.


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1 Comment

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    April 29, 2016 at 10:02 am

    Great stuff , thanks for sharing your knowledge! Interesting case study and very useful tips.

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