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Why every marketing team needs to team up with HR to avoid undoing years of work

Whether you are being driven to visit a brand website or driven to visit a recruiter website, the endgame is the same: You are expected to take action. Buy a product. Apply for a job. Sign up for continuing education. Whatever.

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Digital marketing v digital recruiting

Like a lot of freelance writers, I’m always on the lookout for the next gig! Sometimes you get lucky and connect with an entity that offers long term employment. But a lot of times it’s “write, submit article, get paid and move on.”

OK no problem, but what I have seen occur over time [and I tend to think this happens to a lot of opportunity-seekers and not just me] is that you submit a resume or bid for a job, don’t hear back from anyone yet coincidently you start receiving job board links from other recruiters for similar jobs.

Whoa – what happened here? It’s all part of digital recruiting, which; as pointed out on a recent video blog, is relying more and more on many of the tenants of digital marketing. Now repeat the mantra after me:
                                            Attract, Nurture, Convert
                                            Attract, Nurture, Convert

Attract, nurture, convert

Think about it. The job board ATTRACTS you and you apply for a job, the digital recruiter NURTURES you by sending more job offers your way and, hopefully somewhere along the line, you are CONVERTED because you either get the job or more than likely your email is shared with countless similar interest groups and you’re targeted for similar items of interest which hooks you in some way. In this case you’re not just a job applicant but a virtual fount of potential buying power.

This mantra mentioned above (and I know that you, like me, repeat this several times every morning while meditating) often gets buried because the human element continues to get shifted deeper and deeper as the marketing process gets more and more digitized. The fact is, the line between digital marketing and digital recruiting is becoming more and more blurred!

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Whether you are being driven to visit a brand website or driven to visit a recruiter website, the endgame is the same: You are expected to take action. Buy a product. Apply for a job. Sign up for continuing education. Whatever.

Talent acquisition is lead acquisition

Remember: digital marketing assets, as pointed out on a recent marketing-forward video episode, are becoming just as important for talent acquisition as they are for e-commerce or anything else that gets sold over the internet.

Some industry professionals feel that the burden for sourcing will shift away from recruiters: that the human element is going the way of the dinosaur. I’m of the mindset that the human in the HR department needs to ensure they are aligned with the folks in the marketing department and vice-versa.

If a marketing team isn’t auditing what the HR team is doing, and the HR team doesn’t know what the marketing team’s goals are, there’s a huge and VERY COMMON disconnect going on. In this case, everyone loses.

Today’s digital recruiter needs to be more digitally savvy and today’s marketing team needs to be more tuned in to needs of HR.


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Nearly three decades living and working all over the world as a radio and television broadcast journalist in the United States Air Force, Staff Writer, Gary Picariello is now retired from the military and is focused on his writing career.

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