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3 companies that help you offer on-demand services


Instant gratification is the name of the game these days, but if you’re making the cake, how do you get it delivered without hiring new staff and inexpensively?

on-demand services

Offering instant gratification to your customers

It’s no secret that we are in an era of instant gratification. Consumers want what they want, and the sooner they can get it, the better. There are a number of small startups that are now offering on-demand delivery, honey-do-list fulfillment, or simply even suggestions of what to do.

3 companies offering on-demand services

1. Taskrabbit is an online and mobile marketplace that connects neighbors to get things done. Fully vetted, entrepreneurial professionals contribute their time and skills to helping people out, and those busy people find a little extra time in their days. They call it, “service networking”… and if your honey-do-list is a little long, you may find help at Taskrabbit.

2. Needto is a similar startup, and simply asks, “What do you need to get done?” Their mission is to, “end unemployment.” A person may need their lawn mowed, for example. They post the need, list a price, and then another person sees that and essentially accepts the work. The website states their goal as, “[wanting to] completely transform the local service economy and become the best place for people to gather online to exchange needs and services.

3. Wunwun combines the two above while also offering on-demand delivery plus whatever else you need, apparently. The company describes its services as providing, “Whatever you need. A Service, a Suggestion, or a Product Delivered. Whenever you need.”

“Wunwuns on-demand network of Helpers is composed of individuals and professionals from around the community carefully selected to fulfill your needs and provide knowledgeable assistance.” So, essentially, it’s a concierge found in an app on your smartphone.

Finally working out the logistics

Each of these small businesses (and the services aren’t limited to just these companies) take the love of instant gratification to the next level. They’re choosing to capitalize on the public’s desire to get more done in less time with less effort.

The idea of quenching our thirst for immediacy isn’t a new endeavor, however. It seems as though some businesses are just finally figuring how to work the logistics. Either way, it is becoming a reality this go-round. As long as customers are willing to pay for the services, they may get what they’ve been looking for… and probably with same-day delivery.

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