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Beautiful, web-based Sumry puts a new spin on resumes

Sumry is now in beta to give professionals an appealing way to present their resume with polish and panache without having to be tech savvy.



Sumry takes your resume to the next level

Resumes are still the primary avenue by which employers not only find out more information about potential employees, but also, resumes are used to isolate desired candidates, from less desirable ones. In truth, it is difficult to express who you are both as an employee and an individual succinctly on paper. Sumry has an answer: a timeline layout allowing you to explain not only why you are right for the job, but the journey that brought you to where you are today.

Sumry gives you a way to put your resume online where it is easily accessible by employers. It also gives you more space to tell your story. You can customize it with colors, icons, and content to express your individuality. There is also a setup section which will get you started with features. As for content, you have six different sections: my story, passions, skills, personality, contact information, and links.

Each of these sections is linked at the top, right under your picture, making navigation a breeze. You can also craft a catchy tag line for the top of your page to draw more attention to your resume.

Telling your story

Sumry wants you to tell your story in the “my story” section, rather than just why you are qualified. This helps an employer understand what makes you different from other candidates with the same skill set. The same is true for “passions.” This gives an employer some idea for what you are truly passionate. For example, if you are looking to hire a social media marketing specialist, you probably know what skill set you are looking for, but you might choose someone who has a passion for helping animals, or a science fiction addiction, over someone who has nothing listed as an “interest.”

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Sumry is $3/month, with no other fees or commitments, and is free during beta. This seems like it could be another line you add to your resume; along with your Facebook and Twitter handles, you could add your Sumry link.

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