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Best job-gettin’ app for recent college grads

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(BUSINESS NEWS) LinkedIn launches app to help recent graduates learn the steps to take in finding a career.

Real world, now what?

Finding a job right out of school can be overwhelming, no matter how many tools one has at their disposal. While millennials have the benefits of many online platforms to search and network for jobs, they often suffer from competition and inexperience.

Many schools require graduating students to take a senior capstone class that prepares them for the job market. And while everything seems like a no-brainer sitting in a classroom, it is a different story when you out into the real world.

LinkedIn is necessary

Luckily, also required in many of these classes is to create a LinkedIn profile. And, even though LinkedIn may not be as fun as Facebook or as flashy as Instagram, it is a vital component to anyone looking for a job.

LinkedIn is aware of their vitality, and has developed an app specifically for students on the job hunt. LinkedIn Higher Education has created LinkedIn Students, an app to help graduates launch their careers.

Tips on tips on tips

The concept is simple: select your major, obtain your degree, then use the app to land your first gig.

The app is loaded with tips and insights from over 400 million members, which is all complied into the Student Handbook Series.

This Student Handbook is designed to give students the confidence to excel in the real world job market. The handbook is organized in a series of three part.

The Student Handbook Series

First, the user learns how to kick start their career. Users get tips for how to create a good-looking LinkedIn profile and how to begin networking.

Second, the handbook offer job searching skills. Different tips are available in this part to help students standout with their job search. One tip includes templates of how to professionally message other LinkedIn members.

The final part offers interviewing tips for students. This aspect gives advice how best to answer and ask questions during the interview process.

Search smarter

Once the student feels confident and is ready to explore jobs on LinkedIn, they have the ability to search for jobs based on location, function, and industry. This app helps students learn a powerhouse such as LinkedIn in bite-size pieces.

As a millennial currently overwhelmed by the job hunt process, I definitely find practicality in a tool such as LinkedIn Students. Hopefully it will aid in making the process less daunting for others like myself.




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