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Why is FedEx still using Flash? We don’t know either but you can make $5

(BUSINESS NEWS) FedEx uses Flash to create labels and now bribing users with $5 to keep using it.

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Aw, poor FedEx

They’ve resorted to bribery to generate online sales. FedEx still requires Flash for some of its site’s functionalities, but they’re finding many users have uninstalled the plugin.

To encourage users to print labels with them, FedEx is offering a $5 incentive to reinstall Flash. This feels like if your mom had to pay people to come to your birthday party. Sure, it might work. But it’s pretty sad. Of course, this magical money credit isn’t just for anyone.

The stipulations

In order to qualify for their bribe, you have to spend more than $30 on your order. You also need to not care that Flash is super faulty and ripe for infiltration.

In fact, Apple, Facebook, and Google all actively block the software since it’s such a superb security risk.

Plus, most major browsers like Chrome and Safari have blacklisted the animation technology since it universally sucks.

Missed the update

Seems like FedEx either didn’t get or completely ignored the memo.

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Steve Jobs banned Flash back in 2010 from iOS systems, and last year Google announced it was moving away from the plugin.

Even Flash’s own parent, Adobe, announced it was no longer supporting Flash on Android platforms as of forever ago.

So why is FedEx a major holdout?

I don’t think even they know. At this point it doesn’t seem like they’ve taken an easier route by refusing to rework their website to support HTML 5.

However, the company realizes it’s inconvenient to reinstall Flash.

Offering up a voucher as a consolation prize for reacquiring a security risk hardly seems worth it though.

Don’t hold your breath

FedEx says it plans to update its shipping software. At some point. Eventually. Probably.

[clickToTweet tweet=”For now, the courtesy discount will stand in for their failure to keep up.” quote=”For now, the courtesy discount will stand in for their failure to keep up.”]

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If you’re not willing to risk it, the Print and Go email service, mobile app, or just a handy USB drive are all available as alternatives. But really, if you’re having to pay people to use a service, maybe you’re doing something wrong.

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