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Businesses trying to find a happy medium in hybrid work models

Businesses are trying to bring folks back into the office with a hybrid work schedule, but predictably it’s faced plenty of pushback.

A hybrid remote worker sits on a bed in a bedroom working on a laptop, with a plate of food sitting nearby.

Big changes are in the testing phase as far as the American workforce goes, and many of us are in for a long ride. While many companies are experiencing huge wins, like going forward with 4-day work weeks permanently, others are trying to figure out how many days to ask employees to come into the office

Many business leaders are in a place of contemplation, as what they ultimately decide to do could either positively or negatively impact their workers. While some companies have gone fully remote forever and others require employees to work on-site, there’s a chunk that is going back to hybrid.

Many employers have decided on a hybrid solution as sort of a “happy medium,” but are getting more resistance than expected. Companies like Amazon and Starbucks recently announced new policies requiring workers to come in for a number of days a week, prompting backlash and protests. 

Based on recent data, a lot of people prefer to work remotely, and having the choice stripped away because of “speculative observations” just doesn’t sit right with many. Over half of workers that could perform their jobs from home are now being asked to go into the office. In a study performed in NYC, the Partnership for New York City concluded that 82% of employers in Manhattan were either maintaining or adding on hybrid work policies in 2023. 

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Predictions are coming in, and based on many experts readings, the future is hybrid. It’s essential to know that hybrid works differently for every office, though. Many employers are looking at this as a “choose your own adventure” situation. 

Because hybrid work looks so different for everyone, there’s no handbook that businesses can look at to determine how to go about this. We’re going to see a lot of trial and error and fluctuations in employee morale. With strict rules enforcing hybrid work, a lot of employees are back to feeling overwhelmed after many experienced a quick couple years of relief due to the remote work boom.

The worries of COVID are officially over for the majority of businesses. Let’s see how this plays out.

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Macie LaCau is a passionate writer, herbal educator, and dog enthusiast. She spends most of her time overthinking and watering her tiny tomatoes.

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