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Free MIT OpenCourseWare undergrad or graduate classes

mit opencourseware

If you didn’t get a chance to go to college, or you need to strengthen your business savviness, MIT offers thousands of courses online for free that you can start anytime. Genius.

MIT OpenCourseWare Program is free

If you want to take college classes but don’t have the money, or you’ve been out of school for quite some time and want to go back but can’t for monetary reasons, you’re in luck. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers free undergraduate and graduate level classes in a multitude of topics that you can begin simply by selecting a class and downloading the course materials. Even though we’re well into the month of March, your spring semester can start here and now, for free, as if it were the beginning of January.

Through MIT’s OpenCourseWare program, the school makes coursework from more than 2,150 of its classes publicly available through its website. The program is “is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity.”

The program takes you right back to your classroom days, with provided lecture notes, case studies, syllabus and required readings – the only difference is you have the capability to learn from home and on a schedule that works with your job or other obligations.

Brush up for your business

For business owners looking to brush up on subject matters that will improve their operations and performance, the program offers classes such as “Special Seminar in Management The Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans,” “Innovative Businesses and Breakthrough Technologies – The Legal Issues” and “Building and Leading Effective Teams.”

These courses are taught by some of the university’s top professors and provide individuals with access to top quality educational resources that they may not have been able to obtain on their own. The program ultimately helps reduce barriers to education by making the material freely available to those who seek it. So if there’s an area you’d like to explore, or dive deeper into for the betterment of your personal education or your business, take a look around the site, make a selection and download your materials – class starts whenever you’re ready.

Examples of just a few of MIT’s OpenCourseWare options:
mit opencourseware

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